Tuesday, January 5, 2010

tickled pink

So, it's Tuesday. It hasn't been over 20 degrees since I don't know when. I hate this weather. Cold, cold, cold. And just getting colder. We have to leave the water dripping at night to prevent it freezing up. There is a thick layer of ice on the ground where the foot of snow started melting and then froze solid. Every parking lot in town is fortressed with eight foot piles of dirty snow that probably won't melt until May. What a mess. Blasted global warming. (tee hee hee)

But, you know what can brighten even the most frigid of winter days for me? COLOR. And right now my color of choice is PINK. Lately, I have been drawn to every spot of pink that my eye catches. It's just so happy and friendly. It makes me smile.

I am fully aware of the fact that I have a color addiction and that pink is at the very heart of it. How do I know? Because I never wear lipstick or fingernail polish and yet I do not have the ability to pass either of the two up. Ooooh. Lip glosses! With all their shiny shades of pink and red and coral. I found myself the other day, hunched down in front of a huge display of fingernail polishes at Wal-Mart. The colors had me in a mad trance. I wanted to buy them all! Oh! Oh! And a new Hard Candy makeup display! Where on earth do these colors come from? I'm not sure I should carry on this year without a bright baby doll pink blush to brighten my face.

It is indeed a very rare occasion that I paint my nails, even though I have a collection of the prettiest colors. With these grey days weighing heavy, I have been considering slicking on a coat of hot pink. And thanks to my favorite mineral makeup mavens, Beauty by Saria, I have a makeup drawer full of bright new eye shadows to play with. It may be cold and bleak outside, but I'm determined that 2010 is going to be a colorful year!

*photo from Country Home.


Elise said...

My nails are pink at the moment too :) A really nice deep dark pink. Makes me happy too.

And the thought of having to leave the water dripping overnight so it won't freeze up makes me go running madly towards the beach and the sunshine. Holy moly, that is insane!! The good thing about winter is you know it can't last forever, spring and summer will come around again - eventually.

Sarah Klassen said...

So pretty and fresh! I adore pink, and full admit to my sickness, as I know that you know :)

It truly is a happy color, if color can be!

xo, Sarah

Sarah (Buzz) said...

I love pink, especially soft pink. If you've ever seen the movie Funny Face (Audrey Hepburn!) then you know the song Think Pink! Love it!!

Clouds said...

Such a pretty dresser!! I have been plotting to buy one just like that for my bedroom! Just haven't met the right one yet. Ha!