Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hunger pains

Do you ever have those times when you could eat every single thing that comes your way and still not be satisfied? I know, I know. We are so spoiled. There are children in _____ starving right now. We have too much. Blah. Blah. Blah. Yeah. I know all that. Still doesn't change the fact that sometimes I could eat everything in my kitchen and still want something else. I'm not sure whether its part of my hormonal cycle or if it has something to do with week two of P90X. (Shhhh! Don't say that out loud. It'll bring in the legions of curious P90x disciples.)

It makes perfectly good sense that high levels of physical activity could lead to increased hunger. But I'm still not blaming it on that. Maybe I'm just a spoiled little brat that would throw a good tantrum to have a burger topped with onion rings and jalapenos. Mmmmm hmmm.

What would you like to have to eat right now?

*photo from Cannelle et Vanille


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i don't even know what p90x is so i promise not to speak of it. i only get this kind of hunger the day after drinking after my hangover has subsided. the rest of the time my metabolism barely moves.

Elise said...

Tell me about! Though I think my hunger is because of eating nothing but salads for nearly two weeks. It has paid off for sure, but it's tough and I kind of fell off the wagon this week.... The picture of that burger is making me just about drool everywhere!!

And P90X! That looked hardcore when I checked it out last time you mentioned it! Good for you!!!