Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keep it Simple

I was so thrilled to read all your thoughtful comments on "simple pleasures". I love hearing from you. Your words are also a simple pleasure. They never fail to make me smile. Thank you.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if you put a big bunch of us bloggers at a table together (maybe with some pie and ice cream, like above). Would we all break out into lively conversation and go on like old friends? Or would we sit with polite smiles and wait for someone else to say something? Are we more confident, witty or creative when hidden behind a computer screen? Or would our personalities bubble forth like a pot of boiling water?

It's an interesting thought, wouldn't you agree? I think that regardless of where we are, what we share is pretty special. We may not get to meet up for lunch in reality, but in a way, maybe we do. I meet with many of you for a little break in the afternoon, when my energy and attention are waning. You share with me your thoughts and inspirations and I instantly feel much better. Even if you like feeling anonymous, would you honestly leave comments for anyone if you didn't think that they enjoyed reading them? I wouldn't. Sometimes I find myself not commenting on blog posts because they already have like a billion comments already. It feels impersonal, like my comment will just be floating around out there in a sea of others.

But its nice to be acknowledged, isn't it? Its always a good feeling to sign in to your blog and see that you have such and such number of comments to be moderated. It means that someone heard you. And I, indeed, love hearing from you. So keep on blogging and keep on commenting. And have some pie and ice cream ready. ;)

*photo from Pottery Barn.
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Elise said...

You're a sweetheart :) I love when people take the time to comment on something I've written. I especially like the ones that say 'you made me laugh out loud'. To think someone on the other side of the world is laughing because of something I wrote makes me so happy.

And I've often thought what it would be like to meet fellow bloggers. I know Amber and Julia met up while Amber was in NY, but I think I'd be too scared to. What if they didn't like me or I couldn't think of anything to say?! I absolutely definitely hide behind the computer, but that's okay, blogging is a great outlet.

You too, miss, keep blogging, I love reading your posts. xx

Amy E. Strodl said...

I totally agree. I love getting comments from total strangers. It's so fun to have a connection with someone you may never meet in person. I also love supporting other small blogs. The validation is huge for me. keeps me typing!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Ha, that would be so fun! However, I am definitely more introverted in real life than I am on the computer screen, in fact I kind of dread every attending a blogger meetup (which I have not yet), I'm afraid people would be disappointed in me! That said though, I LOVE blogging and all of my wonderful virtual friends!

Have a fabulous day, and if you get a chance, stop by and check out my Catherine Deneuve giveaway! XO!