Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~*~*~*~have you heard~*~*~*~

Godiva now has baked goods. Yeah, I know. Shoot me now, right? Better ask for a treadmill for Christmas. ;)
*go to Godiva


Elise said...

Oh, good Lord. I think I just put on a couple of kilos, just looking at these pictures.

Kristin said...

I read about this today. Totally dangerous!

Sarah Klassen said...

OH MY! Oooooo!

Must.find.nearest.Godiva. a.s.a.pThank you for the post, letting us all know -- you have totally made my day :) No...scrap that, weekend!

{tig} said...

can't think of better news :) godiva cakes and cupcakes? definitely!