Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Monday.

You know how sometimes we run across something that makes us go "Wow"? Well, that is exactly what happened when my mom asked me if I had seen the tree in the window of the new antique store in town. As we drove by and she pointed it out, my eyes got big and my mouth dropped open. Wow! So..... Friday afternoon, I decided that I just had to have a picture of this tree to share with you. Upon closer inspection, I found out that the tree is not just covered in strands of pearls. It is covered in antique pearl costume necklaces! Piles and piles of necklaces! Isn't it stunning?

I am, honestly, not very interested in antiques for the most part. But this new store was filled with case after case of antique jewelry. Real and costume. I ended up staying there much longer than I had planned. I even picked up a few pieces that I hope to work into some jewelry for my shop. Now if I could only get enough pearls to cover my Christmas tree!

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Elise said...

That is one kick-ass tree!