Monday, December 7, 2009

medicate me

I have decided that I have Housecleaning A.D.D.. I know that I am not the only one who suffers from this condition. My grandmother has it, too.

I can start washing dishes, walk away to go put in a load of laundry and thirty minutes later remember that I have a sink of dishwater that is probably cold. It seems that the very reason that I cannot keep my house as clean as I would like is because I cannot stay on task. It's ridiculous. I have been known to start cleaning the bathroom and end up cleaning out closets, without finishing either! How does this happen?

Plus, for some reason, my brain is way more occupied with the "deep" cleaning of things than it is with the surface stuff. So I end up deciding that it isn't worth "picking up" here and there without doing a complete overhaul. What is my issue?

And now I am going to tell you a little story about Christmas trees.......

They are a pain in the ass. God forgive me. I love celebrating the birth of my Lord Jesus Christ. But why on earth can't we come up with something simpler than hauling in and setting up a seven foot tree in the midst of our homes, fluffing it to perfection and then trying to hang some doodad on every other limb? Why? And for anyone out there debating whether a real or an artificial Christmas tree is best, give it up. They are equals. Their pros and cons all balance out in the end. The idea of a romantic, sparkling, magical Christmas tree is only a reality when you can hire someone else to do all the work for you.

The End.

*sorry if I crushed your elf like spirit. please don't hate me.


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

well that makes me feel a little better about never having a tree. as for cleaning, i dont feel like something is really clean unless i do a deep clean. so i always clean the easy stuff first and then the deep cleaning stuff like the tub or mopping never gets done.

Elise said...

The whole hoo-ha of what Christmas turns into always makes us joke about celebrating Festivus, as in George from Seinfeld, instead. The thought of having a list of how people have disappointed us throughout the year somehow seems more and more attractive as the Christmas Day lunch drags on.

Sarah Klassen said...

lol -- that is too funny!