Thursday, July 14, 2011

Filling Requests

If you missed my last post (or are just ignoring it), I opened up the request lines for what you want to see on my blog. Not that I'm changing things around here. I just thought it would be fun to answer some questions or cover some new topics. So.............request line is still open.

Dawn wanted to know how me and the Mr. met. So here goes.

As I have mentioned before, my husband is a good bit younger than me. I sort of robbed the cradle when I got him. But, honestly, I didn't mean to. I actually fought it pretty hard. I, as most of you know, worked in a body shop for nine years. Yes, a collision repair facility. I met my husband when he did an internship at the shop his senior year of high school. He was a young, cocky little punk. But adorable. However, I never considered him to be in my age bracket so I never considered a relationship with him. Ohhhhh, but he did. And he tried to get me to go out with him for the longest time. He would ask. I would laugh at him and say no. He would ask again. I would tell him he was too young. He would ask again. I would roll my eyes.

This went on for two years. No. Really. It did. He kept at it for two years. I kept turning him down for two years. But we became pretty good friends in that two years. In the meantime, he joined the Army National Guard and went to basic training and then to specialized training to be an Army mechanic. That knocked a good bit of his cockiness out. He came back acting much more mature and level headed. But still too young for me.

After hurricane Katrina, he got sent to Louisiana to help out. He called me while he was down there. First time he had ever called me. He said that he had gotten orders to deploy to Iraq and that he wanted us to hang out when he got home. I agreed, for some reason. Our first non-date was on Thanksgiving weekend. I only remember this because it's the first indoor motocross race of the season every year and that's where we went. I call it a non-date because I was still swearing that we were just friends and that he was much too young for me. And then we got married on May the 3rd.

I know. What the hell, right? I was still fighting it in December and then married him in May. The real kicker of this story? He left two days after we got married. Set foot in Iraq four days later and was gone for over a year. And five years later....... here we are.

Also, Dawn. I have lived here, in the mountains of North Carolina, all of my life. Never moved from the tiny town that I was born and raised in. Probably won't.

the end.


annelise said...

Ooh, I was going to ask this question too! I can't believe he had to leave two days after you got married. And that he pursued you for two years! That's pretty impressive.

So now that Dawn beat me to this question, I'll ask: if you knew you couldn't fail (and had unlimited funds - I always think money doesn't go astray when pursuing dreams) what would you do?

Dawn said...

Awesome story!!! Funny too....but i like he was persistent;)))
I cant believe that after all his purusal...he left though dang it!
Thanks for the information....hope i wasnt nosey:)
And thanks for your encouragement on my post today...

Jen said...

Awww... I love posts like this!! It seems like none of the blogs these days have any personal information and it's nice to actually get some of that every so often. Thanks for the little info on your life ;-)

Happy Weekend Dear! xo