Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoe Lust

Just so you know, I am posting this for the sole (haha. sole. get it?) purpose of not seeing that wedding post every time I open my blog. I am tired of it.

So. Let's talk about these shoes. And the fact that I have no idea who made them or where to get them. I nabbed the pic on Pinterest and there was no origin to be found. I think it's pretty safe to say that they are the most awesome thing since slap bracelets. And I would totally rock these beasts like mad if I had them. But, alas, they probably cost a fortune. So let's not dwell on that. Let us, instead, dwell on how cool it would look to walk down the street leaving a streak of neon in your wake.

Yes. Totally rad. Totally.

*by the way.... if you are on Pinterest and I need to be following you, because you are super awesome (of course), let me know. I've already ran across a few of you there. Let's make it a party!


lilabraga said...

Gosh with shoes like these all you ever need is a Ferrari to take it for a ride! hahah
have a fab. week !

mimilove forever said...

Glorious shoes! Safe to say it wouldnt be so much a streak of neon, more like broken ankle...cannot remember last time I wore a heel...more of a swollen feet/flip-flop or slippers gal these days!;D

Hangs head in shame I've missed so much but congrats to you and Mum for the fabulous job on the wedding (barring cake disaster...well recovered!) and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bags!!

Big loves from your useless bloggy chum! x;0)

Jen said...

I'll take a pair! I'll take a pair!