Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I promised you guys that I would get caught up on all of June's happenings once the smoke cleared, and I am here to do just that. Starting with my Nanny Ruby's birthday. (nanny=grandmother, by the way)
This is the cake I made for her birthday party. I was hoping to do something feminine in soft colors, but mom picked out the party colors. This was my first foray into using gum paste, so I kept it simple, making a little blue bird and some flowers and hearts. I really should have gotten a better picture of the bird.

I just had to try my hand at the heart cakes that you keep seeing pop up all over the internet lately. I have to say, I was worried that it wasn't going to work out. I know it's a messy picture, but I was just insanely excited that you could actually see a heart inside when it was cut! I also have to say that it was a big pain in the ass and worth every second of it. Partly because three days later, my brother had to inquire about how it was done. He had racked his brain trying to figure it out. You know it's pretty cool when your big brother can't quit wondering about it.

On this same day, my aunt brought me two dresses that she had found while cleaning out my Nanny's attic. They are dresses that my mom made and wore before she was married. My mom is quite the seamstress. There is honestly no telling how many things she has sewn in her time. I love being able to keep a few of them for myself. Especially this one. I fell in love with this one.

Quite a bit shorter than anything I'm used to, but so freaking cute! Look at those sleeves!

This dress is made out of dotted swiss, which is a printed cotton with tiny dots all over it. It also happens to be quite sheer. I could never wear this out in public without a slip. Problem is, I don't have a slip this short! Guess I'll have to find one.

So, there you have it. Nanny's birthday and mom's old clothes.
I will be back with pics from the wedding and a cake catastrophe. Also, I am very slowly but surely getting the new bags listed on Etsy. It may be tonight before the first ones are up, but I'm getting there. Finally.


Jen said...

You are so right my dear, that dress is ADORABLE! Suppose it helps that it fits you perfectly. And the length? Girl, you've gotta show off those legs every so often!! Love it!

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. Can't wait to see the new bags!

Sarah Knight said...

very cool!

lilabraga said...

simply fabulous!!!!...pure inspiration!

Matt said...


But wait... that is all that happened in June?! ;)

Jacquelyn said...

I love this post! The cake is amazing, and the heart inside the cake is unbelievable.

The dress is so pretty, especially the sleeves. It looks fabulous on you!

and the! You definitely are a talented lady.

annelise said...

Jo! Look at all this! The cake looks freaking incredible, I can barely ice a plain old chocolate cake. The dress fits like it was tailored for you - and you've got the legs, you should definitely show them off. I know I would be. The bags are fantastic. You've got mad skillz, woman.

I'm so excited about the travelling journal and getting that up and running! I knew you'd be in on it too and I just can't wait to start it.

mimilove forever said...

Check you foxy laydeee! ;0)
(Beautiful scenery too!)

Dawn said...

Love the cake... and the dress (and your legs) are to die for. LUCKY!!!!!!!