Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here in the mountains we have these lovely wild roses that grow like crazy. Around here they're called multipleur roses - I guess because they multiply like rabbits. They're really looked at as a nuisance. They tend to take over the pastures and fence-lines. This monstrosity is growing on the bank of my driveway. Huge and covered in sharp barbs, this wild rose smells amazing! Every evening when I pull into my driveway I can smell its sweetness wafting through my car window. Sad to say, but it must be sprayed along with all the others before they take over the house. I wanted to share some pictures of it before it gets whacked (so to speak).

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Color Me Green said...

that's too bad. i have a fondness for flowering weeds like dandelions, which are so pretty sprinkling yards with yellow in the springtime.