Friday, June 26, 2009

Complete and utter irreverence

First things first. I am absolutely blown away by this pic that I stole from Design Sponge. Its from a new ad campaign for arjowiggins paper company? I dunno who they are, but obviously I should. Can you say super confetti disco fairy? Okey. Now that I got that out of the way. I just can't keep my big mouth shut about the death of Michael Jackson. I really hate when the media throws out this whole "a nation in mourning" bull crap. The nation mourns when a plane flies into our buildings, killing thousands of innocent people. The nation mourns when we hear the death toll of our soldiers. The nation mourns when entire area codes get wiped out by hurricanes, floods or fire. The nation should not be mourning because we lost one more famous person.

Come on people. The "King of Pop" died? Hello? He died years ago. The real Michael Jackson has been dead for years. The person who died yesterday was just a ghost of the legend. A bleached and surgically altered ghost with a questionable persona. I am actually holding my tongue right now from what I would like to blurt out, but I can't afford to be sued by people who make my entire years income in an hour. Yes, MJ has made some rockin music. He's also made a mess of his face, held a baby over a balcony, had one too many sleep-overs with children, and made some very creepy statements in his time. So there. Just let it be known that the entire nation is not in mourning. I'm gonna stop right there.

*am I the only one thinking like this? or am I the only one willing to admit to thinking like this? anyone else out there?


The Fashion Bloggess said...

love that shot! :O amazing
love your blog

Elise said...

You're not the only one thinking those MJ thoughts... I hear ya. I think he was an absolute legend, music-wise, but all that talent was a leeeetle overshadowed by the pet chimps and kids-with-masks and a child named Blanket. Blanket? Some serious therapy coming up for those kids.