Monday, June 29, 2009

Making me smile.

I had a fabulous weekend! Its been some time since I've had so much fun. Went swimming in the river at 10:00 at night. Built a campfire. Rope swing. Cold water. Friends. Hung out in the garage all night. Grilled burgers at 2 a.m. Slept late and cleaned the next day. Went to the drag strip. Three drag cars in our group. Running low 7s and high 6s (that's really good, btw). Stopped at the Waffle House on the way home. So glad to be back at the track. Got back together for pizza last night. Unfortunately, the night was cut short by a kidney stone that decided to move on me. It must be really small, though. Cause today I'm still smiling from my weekend.

*breathtaking photo from sarkatrager. you gotta check this store out. the photos are so color saturated and beautiful.