Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let them eat cake

A few pictures from Saturday's big hoopla. Enough cake to feed 500 people. It took two vehicles to haul. Thankfully, we didn't have to decorate this one since it was for strawberry shortcake. Just a dusting of powdered sugar before it went out.

Some hand lettering I did for the sugar free cakes and cool whip.

We had shop set up in a back courtyard. The cake was a self serve deal. So we had to keep the table full of cake, cool whip and strawberries. I started out in a cute little pair of heels, but finally had to give in to the sandals. It all went over pretty well. But thank goodness its over. We were there from 5pm till 10pm.


Color Me Green said...

wow - well you pulled it off! congrats! i think frosting-less cakes are key for big events. one less thing to worry about.

Amber said...

i wanna hear more about this cake business. you're a professional baker? or what? i need more info. and pics. mainly i need more pics of cake. now you have a new camera this shouldn't be a problem. p.s is that you? sneaking a pic in there? super adorable. i miss summer.