Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now hear this.

* quote from Creature Comforts.

Last week was hell. I am not even going to go into the details. Its a lot of information, its personal, and its one of those things that you could easily wish you wouldn't have opened your big mouth about later on down the road. Lets just say that life with the Mr. has been trying and that I could have ended up a Ms. instead of my current Mrs. All of which has led to an upset stomach and some emotions that I would rather not be experiencing. So, yes, I am being slack on the blogging.

Good news is this: things are okey right now. I have tons of new pictures to share with you. I just gotta get them to the computer. More complicated than you would think, because we do not have internet connection at home. On another odd note, my mom has another wedding cake to do for this weekend and my dad decided to tear out and remodel the kitchen. He could have done this in January, but instead, he started last week. Nice, huh?


Color Me Green said...

i feel you on the upset stomach and unwanted emotions. glad things are good for now.

Amber said...

i'm thinking of you. hope things are looking brighter. x