Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Happy Weekend}

It has been an interesting week, folks. My mom and I finally had a little sit down with my cousin to discuss the details of her wedding cake that we will be making. The wedding is July 1st. I promise to take pictures (of the cake). I actually (randomly) had a gallery suggest that I get some work together and present it to them (all because I was wearing a necklace that I made). I have piles of dyed fabric cut out to make a whole new run of bucket bags and totes (with leather bottoms!). I got a fresh haircut. I painted my nails (I know. Crazy, right?). And I have been feeling a great urge to paint.

This urge to paint is what I am most excited about. It has been so long. But you see that quote up there? Yep. Someone has touched part of me other than my body and seemed to have awoke the sleeping creativity inside of me. I feel like proving myself. Even if only to myself.

So maybe this weekend will involve some painting. Maybe some more sewing. And, hopefully, plenty more dreaming. Here's to a productive weekend, my loves!

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**quote from darling Jen. Bits of Truth.


Dawn said...

Hmmm...good question. One I sadly have to ponder.....

I want to see the hair. And the nails. I need to do both.
And of course the cake when done:)
Have a wonderful weekend as well....

annelise said...

Fantastic!! I really hope you get some stuff together for the gallery, that's brilliant. And so glad your urge to paint has come back. Rope it in and go with it!