Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hotness

God invented hot pink.

Just so you know.

Is Blogger still being screwy for anyone else? I still can't log in from the log in page. They need to get their act together.

Oh! And, by the way. It's nice to know I'm not the only girl out there wearing a guy's cologne. Looks like the perfume market is missing something in their female offerings.


Matt said...

Hot Pink + Woman = Good lookin' Have to admit I am not a bit pink fan, but it has it's place.

I haven't been on enough to notice to be honest.

Think your lost post was found. If it is the response to the 'crush' post BTW. Finally got around to answering. HateBeingBusy

Dawn said...

Hot Pink. One of my favorites.
I sometimes can't comment...but other than that it's working ok. For now.....

Allison said...

Oh, I just found your blog! It's rather cozy I must say. Too bad blogger won't let me join. :(

God DID create hot pink! And all the other wild colors and textures out there... including us in our wild and texturous states. ;) Love it.

annelise said...

Funny you mention hot pink: a new real estate agency here in town has used the brighest, hottest pink as their colours for signage and given that everyone else has used black, red, blue or yellow, we all had a bit of a snigger. Until someone said 'But it stands out and is so eye-catching'. And it really is. I don't know if I'd use it for my own real estate agency (hypothetically speaking, of course) but the eye is definitely drawn to it.

It IS the hotness.

And what isn't the hotness is Blogger. Seriously. Enough already. Definitely thinking of a change to Wordpress - but then of course, Wordpress could have its own issues. Eh.

Have a great weekend :)

lilabraga said...

all is well now ...I hope!
but we all had a bad week with blogger!
love your pic today!

Sarah Klassen said...

I know exactly what you mean -- I have had some emails and messages that readers are unable to leave comments... and I even was unable to as well! How frustrating and makes me long to switch to wordpress sometimes... but, all seems to be back to normal just today -- phew*

As for the cologne, I fully admit to spraying my sheets with Abercrombie & Fitch scent from time to time. So masculine and smells delicious -- nothing wrong with us :)