Sunday, May 22, 2011

The World Didn't End

Hey, friends! So, it looks like the people saying that the world was going to end were wrong. When are they going to figure out that you can't predict the end of the world? God said so. Quit trying.

But since we are all still here, I thought I would fill a little request. You know I'm not real big on posting pictures of myself for no apparent reason. But Dawn asked to see my new haircut and my nails. So. Because Dawn rocks and posts pics of her great adventures all the time, I figured that I could at least share a little snapshot of myself. (she asked nicely)

I couldn't get a great angle on the hair. It's shorter and punkier than the last time. I love it. Even if I do look like a boy in a baseball cap. And the nails are the coolest dark aubergine color. I've talked before about how I lean towards fall colors in the summer and summer colors in the fall. Well, this color is an all time favorite. It's N.Y.C. New York Color (cause I'm a cheapo) in Manhattan. Yes. Nail polish for under 2 bucks. And its pretty awesome.

Stay tuned this week to see if I finish any projects. And if I don't, I expect you guys to send out a lynch mob to kick my rear into gear.
Until then............. hugs and tons of sunshine to you all.


lilabraga said...

your hair is soooo cute!!
I so agree with you...when will "some religious" groups stop trying to instigate fear and panic into humanity! only God knows what is going to happen to us...only GOD!!!
have a fab. week.

annelise said...

Wow! When you said haircut, I never for a second thought anything so drastic. It looks fantastic and you're gorgeous! I love it when people make big changes - probably because I'm not brave enough to do it myself.

You will finish your art projects because you're a good girl. You know it.

Jen said...

Look at that haircut... GORGEOUS!!!

Dawn said...

oooooooooooh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Oh are beeeuuutiful!
I have been wanting to cut my hair off now for some time. You have inspired. get up enough nerve to do it. Maybe after a bottle of my cupcake wine....:))
I LOVE IT!!!!!

Sarah Klassen said...

Your new style looks so chic -- you can definitely pull it off well with such a pretty face :)