Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Friday, dolls.
I am staring out the window at a yard full of snow this morning and pondering some things.
One thing that I would like to know is, who are all of you people who are allegedly following me?
My info says that I have 43 followers, yet I am lucky to get just a few comments on each post.
I'm curious. Why don't you comment? Do you even like my blog? Do you read it? Is my subject material boring you? What made you start following my blog in the first place? Is there something you want to talk about? Should I stop asking questions? Is it me?
I just feel like we aren't communicating.
Please don't break up with me.
Let's work this out.

Pretty please, with sugar on top?


Jen said...

Hey Sweetie! It's me, Jen, one of your occasional commenters. And you know what, I'd LOVE to comment more but gosh, life just seems to keep me so busy and preoccupied. But the moment I get a few mintues, that's when I pop by here :-) But to answer your question of why I follow you... it's because you're REAL. You're not the type of blogger who has one persona on the web and a different one in their personal life. You are who you are. And I LOVE that. There are too many fake people here on-line. Anyways, I just wanted to know that I love your honestly in your posts, I love your style and I love that I've gotten to know you over the years. So, that's precisely why I follow you! :-)

Have a great weekend Sweetie! xo

Matt said...

You and Jen are a couple of my favourite bloggers. For different reasons perhaps, but a couple of my favourites you remain. Do you blog often? No. Do I enjoy that which you do post. Well, yes, and precisely for the reason Jen suggests above.

Blog on Miz.N, we that appreciate you appreciate tha you continue to post.

Hope youhad a great weekend.


Kristin W said...

Honestly, I don't have time to comment on all blogs. But I appreciate your honesty, and I'm definitely still hanging around :)

Julia said...

i'm still here...haven't been commenting as much lately because real life is busy and i've cut back on my internet time, but still reading.

Amber said...

just echoing Julia's words, I'm still around I just dont comment on ANY blogs these days. still listening and reading my dear xx

Michelle said...

teehee. You have to have like a million more people to get one comment per 100 or so, at least I do :)