Monday, January 9, 2012

Truly You

Since making a conscious decision to be more true to myself in the coming year, it seems that I have run across all sorts of supportive words and images. Don't you love when that happens?

I have been feeling like my role in life is being determined by other people. What I do with my day is increasingly being decided by someone else. And who I am as a person is being molded by what others expect of me. I'm tired of it. I believe that God made every one of us to be a unique individual. We have different ideas and preferences that set us apart from each other. It's up to us to be the person that we are meant to be.

I read an article in the January issue of Marie Claire about the philanthropist, Jennifer Buffett. In it, she talks about losing her voice and identity in trying to support her husband in all of his efforts and projects. She believes that women are too often thrown into the supporting role and lose sight of who they are.

"I don't think the traditional female role serves us. I think it serves men. When somebody is subordinating themselves, it's just too easy for the other person to take them for granted and not value them. We need to start to say no. You think you are being selfless in giving, but you're being a martyr. Self-care is not a selfish act."

I think that some men are guilty of the same thing, though. Too many of us are fulfilling someone else's dream.

The December issue of Women's Health had an interesting interview with actress Amber Heard. She is bravely honest and unapologetic about who she is, even in the public eye. I love what she says about it.

"You can't respect yourself if you're afraid to be who you are. It requires bravery to do something no one else around you is doing."

I realize that society puts certain restrictions on everyone, from how we dress for the job to how we act in public places. And there is nothing wrong with that. Rules and boundaries make the world go around. But it would be a shame to get so used to these rules and boundaries that we let them apply to every aspect of our lives. Are you brave enough to be your true self? To stand up for what you believe in? To wear what you want to wear? To listen to the music that you love? And sing out loud in your car? Do you know what you want out of life? Do you respect your own desires?

Are you with me on being more true to yourself in 2012? It never hurts to have a support group, you know. I'll try to be truly me and you try to be truly you. What do you say?



Jen said...

Count me in! But let me ask... do you have any tips on going about this? This topic has always interested me. Would love to hear/converse!

Happy Thursday Dear! Hope your week is going well.


la la Lovely said...

Here here! Great post and conversation you've started. I need to work on this too! Yes, we have to be brave to be ourselves, crazy right? Sometimes it takes some time and reall effort to find out who we really are so we can be true to our ourselves!
Happy week to you, Jo!