Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Having the Will

This lovely is from EZ over at Creature Comforts. And right when I needed it.

In my heart, I really have high hopes for my Etsy store. I have hopes of running a successful business. Hopes of building a full and ever-fresh shop. I even have some secret hopes of fulfilling other dreams. But reality has its way of holding us back. I work a full time job. I have a husband. I hardly have time to breath, much less create new things.

But deep down, I believe that I was meant to be something more than what I am now. I was meant to be more productive. More creative. Healthier. Happier. I was meant to bring a smile to others' faces. And I believe that I have the courage to become the person that God means for me to be. (well, courage in Him, at least.)

Are you the person that you were meant to be? Any advice on getting there?

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