Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeah. Thats right.

My head hurts and my neck hurts. Oh yes, and before I forget it, my knee hurts. After checking out a very long list of blogs, I am wondering why on earth no one is reading mine. ????? Anyone? Thats what I thought. And it has occured to me that what I really wish I could do in life is design and produce my own textiles. If I could design my own fabric, that would go a long way in helping bring all my crazy visions for bags and clothing to life. Man. Why does it take money to make money? I just don't have the resources for this sort of thing. BLAST!! And I would sooooooo love to print up some cards and such. I have so many ideas and no way to make them all happen. And I need to ask some questions about this whole ACEO thing going on with Etsy artists. Remind me to do that in the forums when things are up and running again. Holy GEES! why does my head feel like it has a hatchet buried in it? Furthermore, I would like to just mention that I am completely computer illiterate, which makes most of my endeavors more difficult. I keep wanting to do a few posts on some friendship things. But that may be too long and boring. But anyway. I love you. I mean, I guess I do. Even though you don't talk to me or put me on your lists to follow or anything. But I understand. Really I do. I'm just rambling out of my head. Which, by the way, is hurting a lot.

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