Monday, January 19, 2009

"Yellow" or "Cleanliness and Design"

I adore this living room. So bright. So happy. So sunny. So clean. And this rug is amazing. And check out the lamp. Those are new this season. Fabulous design. Yellow is becoming my new favorite color. And I am not one to choose a favorite when it comes to color.

Just the other night I was showing my dear husband this picture from the new Pottery Barn catalog. I have never ordered anything from Pottery Barn. I wish I could. I can't afford it. But that's beside the point.

As I was saying, I was showing my hubby this photo that I just want to walk into and live in and ,at the same time, informing him that I could never imitate this look as long as I am living with him for it would be covered in mud and grease and oil. The rugs would be filthy. The sheets wouldn't come clean with clorox. That lovely rug in the living room wouldn't stand a chance.
My husband agreed. We can never have a white couch. We can never have a yellow rug. We can never even have white sheets (even though you should technically be clean when you are laying on them). No, my dears. I will never have a room like the ones above. But at least I have a nice warm husband to make up for it.

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