Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Friends - Part 1

She was cheery and positive. Beautiful and stylish. I hated her at first, for being so darn adorable. But then...... she became like my soul sister. We had our own language. We told hilarious inside jokes. We laughed a lot and finished each other's sentences. We were together almost all the time; for awhile. Then life stepped in. She wasn't the person I thought she was before. Trust was broken. Hearts were heavy.
She was my best friend. I broke up with my best friend three times. Was it justifiable? Yes. Does it matter at this point? I'm not sure. I quit speaking to her the third time because she lied to me and betrayed one of my close friends. She broke my heart. Too many times.
I think of her all the time. I wonder if she is happy. I wonder if she ever smiles when she remembers what fun we had. I miss her. I miss her a lot. I broke up with my best friend to defend another friend. Was it worth it? No. But then again, none of us can know the course of our lives before it is taken. And maybe, just maybe, this is exactly how it was meant to be.
photo from www.orno.etsy.com (because she reminds me of her)

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