Friday, February 20, 2009

Making Me Smile

Thank goodness for things that make me smile. Dear sweet P's blog always makes me laugh. There is always a bouquet waiting for me here. And a whole list of others keep putting a little sunshine into my days. I appreciate the people who share beauty and excitement with the rest of the world. Thanks to you all.
So now I am going to share with you an adorable little shop that I found on Etsy this morning. Lori Marie of Pretty Lil Things makes the cutest stuff. Little cactus pin cushions (above). These sweet pouches that look like houses......

Or undies.........

Or little faces. How could you not love these?! The candy colors and attention to detail just make me bubble over. OH!!!! And guess what?! She's having a 20% off sale through Monday! Perfect time to buy a house (0f the darling cloth kind) or a doll (she has those, too). Check her out.

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