Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miss Mini

Oh, like a spring breeze. Like a huge gasp of warm ocean air. Like a nap on a blanket in the fresh green grass. I ran across an illustration by Fumi Mini Nakamura in the new Nylon magazine (which I am, by the way, gushing over) and it stopped me right in my hurried flipping tracks. So, I went hunting this amazing artist this morning. I found her.
Miss Mini has a wonderful website that you should visit. And she even has a blog, which displays the lovely art that was shown in Nylon. I am enthralled. What lovely colors. What sweet faces. Her style is ....... well, its quite refreshing (if I may use that very overused word). And so is Nylon, by the way. I picked the latest issue up over the weekend and have just smiled all the way through it. It makes me feel young and fun, even though I'm not so young and fun anymore. I just want to buy some high tops and rock a cut-out swimsuit in neon colors.

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