Friday, July 17, 2009

Everything a Big Bad Wolf could want.

I am out for the weekend. But before I leave I just had to share this with you. It just happens to be the very coolest Halloween costume of all time! Well. To be honest with you, if I could afford this thing I would totally wear it ALL the time. And if I were really fortunate, I would buy the pirate one, too. And my husband would love it. or else. These sexy get-ups are handmade! From a cool little shop on Etsy called Damsel in This Dress. How cool is that name? Pretty clever, huh? They are all made to fit, so you look your vixen best. I just can't get over the Little Red Riding Hood. I'm totally gonna be thinking about this all weekend. Love to ya!


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Jessica Turnbow said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Im working on my own Marie Antoinette costume right now, it's a lot of fun, but nerve racking at the same time. Lovely blog by the way, I will be coming back often!