Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Limber me limbs.

A little-known tidbit of personal information about myself: I lead a yoga class twice a week. By lead I mean that I decide what we do and I simply guide the others through the moves. No big deal. I'm not teacher certified or anything cool like that. Although, that would pretty much rock. I wish I could afford to be.

But anyway. I ditched yoga last week. I was feeling really run down and tired. My body and my mind just weren't up for it. I know what you're thinking...... yoga is supposed to energize and relax or whatever. To that comment, I offer this. I came home from work and slept for three hours straight for three days last week. I. Was. Tired.

This week I am totally ready to get back at it. And let me tell you, laying out of yoga for a week makes you hurt. My muscles are tight. My belly is bloated. I do not feel very agile. I don't really know where I'm going with this. I'm sure you're bored already. I think I just needed a good excuse to post a pic from the Hardtail Forever campaigns. Their photographs of beautiful lithe bodies bending and flowing just makes me want to push myself and my practice further.

Speaking of pushing further..... have you all seen the Yogabeans! blog? No? Well, you should. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time. It's pretty much a blog of action figures doing yoga asanas. The dialogs are hilarious. I haven't seen this much fun since Celebrity Death Match.

Happy Tuesday!
~Love Jo~

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Elise said...

So weird you wrote about this right now: I'd kind of decided to stop Bikram yoga because it absolutely knocked the stuffing out of me and because each class goes for 90 minutes, it took so much time out of my evening and blah blah blah. Any excuse to get out of exercise. Now I'm really second guessing my decision. Maybe I'll take a lead from you and get back into it.

Or maybe I'll sit on the couch at night in front of the tv. Who knows.

I checked out YogaBeans and am quietly wetting my pants laughing at work. This might be a site to look at when I'm sitting on the couch at home!