Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekly Ring Envy.......maybe.

You know, sometimes I just wanna throw a big bunch of crazy azz rings at you all at once and be like "chew on that for a while." But it would make no sense. They wouldn't match. It would be random and crazy and it could induce a headache. So, instead, I'm gonna stick to one ring at a time. It's in your best interest. I know. I know. Your welcome.

This week I give you a solid chunk of blackish metal with a tiny dot of shiny perfection. from here.
And an adorable red head with freckled shoulders in a windswept field. from here.

And on a really weird side note: if I were a dude, I think I would dig red heads.
OH!!! And thanks so much to the darlings who commented on my tangled mess that I call hair. You guys are too sweet. And you are probably right..... things do look different on someone else. Or maybe our shop camera is just magic. ;)

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