Thursday, July 2, 2009

That strange feeling in my stomach.

Something interesting is going on here. The temperature dropped. The sky got brighter. The shadows got deeper. It looks and feels very much like early fall. We haven't even had much of a summer yet. I adore fall, but this is leaving me with a funny feeling in my stomach. Like I slept through the party or something. Anyway, when I first saw the photo above, I got that same feeling. The first thing that caught my eye was the sunlight on her hair. That warm glow. And then how the air looks so clean. I know that sounds silly, but doesn't it look like you could just take a nice deep breath of crisp, clean air and feel that lovely breeze on your face? Something about this photo feels so special. Do you have any photos like that? Please share.

*this amazingly beautiful photo that gives me butterflies in my stomach is from Lookbook. I love you, Lookbook. You rock my world.

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