Tuesday, July 14, 2009

personal statement

"My hair does not look nearly this effortlessly gorgeous. It just doesn't."

So. There's this guy who delivers parts to us here at the shop. Little old strange acting dude. He gives off a weird vibe. He's always talking about my hair. How he likes it so much better long. How I shouldn't be wearing a hat. He literally gives out a sad little "awwww" when I have it pulled up into a ponytail (which is, like, all the time).

This morning he comes in and declares that he wishes he had a camera on him. "What the crap for?" I delightfully ask. "To take a picture of your gorgeous hair!" he proclaims. Okey, people. Seriously. I slept on this stuff last night. I did not brush it when I got up and came to work. It is a big ol' mess of unflattering waves. HELLO? WHAT THE HECK?!

This, my lovelies, is not Jhirmack bounce back beautiful hair.

*rockin photo on top via coco & kelley.
* scary photo on bottom via the shop camera.


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

see maybe i'm crazy but i think your hair looks good too! i'd love to have some natural waves like that.

Elise said...

Your hair has got an awesome wave/curl in it! What looks messy to one (I've got inconsistently curly hair too) looks amazing to another. Lap it up!

Thanks for the great comment, what a great way to start the morning :) I've read through nearly all of your blog (admitting that sounds slightly stalker-ish) and was making my way up to commenting. I really enjoy reading your stuff! :)