Thursday, October 1, 2009

~A Little Secret~

Most of the time I manage to be a pretty reserved person. I choose class over crass. I like my wardrobe to last forever. I like my hair smooth and straight. I stick with neutrals, navy and black. I am .......... pretty predictable.

BUT, there is another side to me. The side that used to come out more often than it does now. A side that happens to know how to swing glowsticks. A side that wears plaid skirts with hoodies and skater shoes. A side that has spiked hair and blacked-out eyes. (which, by the way, I should share a picture of for proof.) This side gets dirty glances from little old ladies on the street. And, yes, this side is still there. It still talks me into doing crazy stuff every now and then. This side makes my heart trip up when I see things like this:

How cool is a neon wall? No joke. I want to head to Lowe's right now. I want a neon wall.

Helllllooooo, hottie lightening pants. Alright, so I always chose baggy over melted on, but these are just too awesome. I want a pair of skin tight lightening pants.

Now seriously, every single time I see a picture of Alice Dellal I want to do this to my hair. Every single time. No. I am not joking. And here is the even crazier part. I would be more apt to do my hair like this than to paint my wall neon OR wear some crazy hot pants. I know. I've been told I'm not right in the head before.
Don't you ever just want to do something totally unexpected? Something a little daring? When was the last time you pulled out the punk?
*neon wall from Design Sponge
*kick azz pants from Lena Quist
*awesome pic of Alice from Garance Dore


Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

I love it! I'm the same way - generally reserved and poised - which is exactly why I'm so drawn to those crazy, colorful interiors at times!

Great post, have a wonderful day :)


Elise said...

I wish I could go all punk but I would look like a total loser. Instead, I settle on looking normal but acting unexpected. I have a tattoo and I love the fact that I don't look like the type who would have one, I love the kick I get out of people's surprise when they see it.

And yes, Jo, we need to see your punk-ass photo please. ASAP.

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i liked the idea of acting punk in high school for a fun change sometimes...went to punk shows, dressed not punk but funny etc. but now it's not really my style anymore. you only live once and hair it's not that crazy to cut your hair if you want to.