Friday, October 23, 2009

Love is...

Love is a stupid thing.

How can you want to rip a person's head off and eat it like a praying mantis one moment and want to hold them so tight that they can never leave the next? My husband can make me so mad. He can hurt my feelings like no one else can. At times I have even wondered how we stand to live with each other. However, he is also the one who can calm me down. He can make me laugh when I am trying like hell not to. And at times I wonder how on earth I could make it if I lost him.

Last night I was thinking about how complex love is. Yet, even in all its complexity, love at its very basis is embarrassingly simple. It has the ability to rouse every single human emotion. It can build up and it can tear down. Love is undoubtedly the strongest force available to mankind.

Marriage is a lot of work. You will never know how vulnerable you are until you trust another person completely with your heart. Its scary. And sometimes painful. But as I lie in bed last night, my husband's arm around my body, his chest warm against my back, I had one prevailing thought.

Love is stupid. But it's worth it.

* photo from Le Love



I feel you lady!
"All we need is love" via The Beatles?!...and I have to LOL* on your take on praying mantis!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

lol you hit it dead on. so many times i can't stand my boyfriend and then half a day later i feel lovey dovey again. it's so up and down.

Elise said...

Le sigh.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I hear is definitely worth it!

Michelle said...

Oh wow, so well put. Whenever I am sad or just plain pissed, O says, "don't smile!, never smile again!" and I can't help but grin. Husbands are the best. Thanks for your sweet comments btw, you are also the best :)