Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Ring Envy - 4 Elise

OH - MY - GOSH - . I cannot believe I just ran across this!

This is the Happenstance ring by Rosy Revolver. I'm not joking. That's its name. And is it not the coolest, crazy design you have ever seen?! Big and bold, like a belt buckle for the knuckle. I am just beside myself on this one. Check out the rest of the store, too. Pretty impressive.


RosyRevolver said...

HA! What an odd thing! I just googled myself for no reason whatsoever (I'm waiting on a pie to cook and was killing time) and found this!! Thanks so much! Holy mother of coincidence!


Elise said...

OMG!!!! I can't believe that! I literally laughed out loud when I read this! You rock :)

What a gorgeous ring! I thought to myself 'I have to buy that, it's gorgeous,' then checked it out and was all like 'Crap, it's $187'. And that's $187 US dollars. But every time I look at it, I want it even more!

Happenstance. Awesome.

hollie said...

Wow! so good!