Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soul Sharing

There is much to be said for solitude. A time to rest, reflect, meditate, daydream. To give yourself some time to just be. To open your senses to everything around you. To let your soul fly. This is what I have craved lately. Moments to pull myself together. To feel like the world isn't just rushing by me faster than I can run. Time for me.

Katarina Krizanovicova must know exactly how this feels. She must understand solitude and peace. She is the master behind the lens of these gorgeous photographs. Working with natural light, as she does, renders such emotional pieces. I find myself staring deep into her photos, my mind drifting to another place. A peaceful, quiet place. A place for the soul.

Katarina just recently opened an Etsy shop. She also has an amazing website full of touching photography. So, if you find yourself needing a little escape today, look her up. Just be prepared to drift off to somewhere beautiful.


Kendra said...

Beautiful photos :)


Elise said...

Your words suit those photographs beautifully.

la la Lovely said...

Perfect thoughts and perfect pics! Love it! Alone time is so important!!!!
x Trina