Friday, March 20, 2009

Ahhhh, spring.

I am really craving a breezy porch and a glass of tea right now. This week has been so crazy and busy. I've been working every evening on the house we're moving into. Last night I ate supper at my moms house and then just passed out on her bed. I was so tired, I just couldn't make it another step. Thank goodness this house has a porch to set on. I have missed having a porch so much.
Aren't these photos beautiful? I love the river rock path on this one. Makes me want to just sit and breath in the flowers and herbs. It is officially spring here. The peep frogs are out in full force. The sound of peep frogs and the sight of daffodils always says spring to me. What sights, sounds or smells mean spring to you?

photos from Country Living.


Amber said...

gardens are lovely. they make the world a better place. spring to me means WEARING DRESSES AND BARE LEGS AT NIGHT. best thing ever.

just wanted to let you know, i tagged you in my last post. check it out!

la la Lovely said...

so pretty!!!! I would love to lounge around there with some tea and a good book!
Thanks for the comments and suggestion on my room!
xx Trina