Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cleanin' up my act.

After two weeks and two days of cleaning and lugging boxes, we will finally be out of the apartment tonight. Whew! It's been a long two weeks and two days. Moving is a dirty job. You wouldn't think that it would be, but it is. For two weeks we have lived around piles of our possessions. Clothes everywhere. Food in random places. No rugs in the bathroom. And some fantastic discoveries (sarcasm, there, folks). Being in a basement apartment has meant two things for us. Termites eating through the sheetrock walls. And mold. Weird fuzzy white mold on our bedroom furniture. Which brings me to a new line of thought. I just may feel a hundred times better once we are out of this place.
My body also feels dirty after eating out for two weeks straight. I need some fresh food. Some veggies and grains. Something non-processed. Some sleep. Some yoga. Some exercise. A good scrub-down. Oh, how I wish I could just lay back in a nice warm bath in that tub up there. Rest for a while. Eat some fruit. Isn't it lovely? So clean looking. Ahhhh.
But my tub doesn't look like that. Oh well. I guess I'll be off to scrub my furniture down with Clorox when I get off work.
photo via Veranda.

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Amber said...

cleaning is depressing BUT it must have been a relief for it to all be finished! how's the new place?