Friday, March 27, 2009


I have a question.

How do you feel?

Yes. I am serious. How do you feel? I really want to know. Because I, pretty much, seem to always feel like crap. I am always tired. It takes a lot of work to make me not look like death warmed over. I had my blood tested for everything under the sun. They told me everything was great. I was a little low on vitamin D, but that's just cause I have some major road rash scars that I have been keeping out of the sun. No biggie.
There are people twice my age that feel much better than me. Its very irritating. I want to feel good. I want to have the energy to kick ass at life. But I don't. My friend, M, had a body scan done by the holistic doc. Sounds pretty informative, but I'm also pretty sceptical. She feels the same way. So, I seriously want to know. How do you feel? Really. Spill it. This life is too short for me to continue on like this.

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Amber said...

My 4 hours sleep and droopy eyes are probably affecting/effecing/too tired to remember which is which - this comment.

I've been fairly pretty shit lately too. Constantly sleepy. Sleepy meaning exhausted. Aching headaches. Super dehydrated. Nothing major just.not.awesome. I got my blood tested. Apparently my health is PERFECT. Iron levels awesome, everything working ship shape a-ok.

i dunno. It's the emotional rut that gets you down. Love, heartbreak, messiness, fighting with friends, being unsure about jobs and money and study. Because other moments, after hanging with friends or discovering beautiful things online (or getting comments on my blog!), then the sun shines brighter and everything feels pretty fabulous.

p.s that twice my age thing gets me too. i'll be EXHAUSTED after getting up early and not having enough sleep. like, unable to function, walk, etc. how do people deal with children?!

P. said...

Hi bubby - I know EXACTLY how you feel. This time of year makes everyone feel like ass. Here are some things that are making me feel slightly better - try some and see how you feel:

- Going to bed an hour earlier.

- Eating raw food until dinner. Sounds crazy (especially coming from me), but whenever I do it for a few days, I feel PUMPED.

- Cutting down on caffeine to one cup a day or just drinking yerba mate or green tea. RADICAL. It was hard at first because I love coffee, but I stopped craving it and am now just really enjoying my morning cup.

- Buying myself flowers makes a big difference.

- Taking care of my skin. I've switched to almond or coconut oil as facial moisturizer - it's cheap and pure and awesome.

Hope you feel better soon. xxoxox

Color Me Green said...

I'm with you, I've been feeling really blah. I think it's because I too am in an emotional rut. last week i was angry all the time for no reason, and that's no way to live. and I know I need to exericse to feel better but I'm having so much trouble motivating myself. And yeahhh Amber - I have no idea how ppl handle kids and not getting enough sleep and still go to work. That's why i know I'm goign to be a stay at home mom.