Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh, I wish

My hair just happens to grow at a crazy fast rate (compared to most). Which is a blessing if you are a really random person who changes her mind a lot, like me. My hair has been every length and style you can think of. However, I have never permed it and it has never been colored (except for some cool stuff I did with Clorox and a little toying around with some crazy colored streaks). For the most part, I adore my hair short. Really short. As in, long in the front, short enough to spike in the back and on top. I LOVE it short. But every once in a while I get to wanting long hair again, which leaves me no choice but to go through all the stages that I HATE (i.e. mid length) to get there. And I am soooo close. Its hitting my shoulders now. By this time next year it should be half down my back. But Oh, How I Wish......... how I wish it was easier than this. How about you? Any "hair tonic" tricks?

This totally awesome photo came from Serena Nguyen's Flickr stream.

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