Monday, March 30, 2009

monday catch up

photo from shaded memories on etsy.

Went to the Biltmore House yesterday. I'll share pics with you if my girl M will e-mail some of her digitals. My aunt gave me two free passes. What a sweetheart. She has also been such a huge help in getting the house ready to move into.

So close to being moved into the house. They put carpet down in the bedroom this morning. I haven't seen it yet. But now we can move bedroom furniture, finally.

Looking forward to design series posts about porches and patios on Coco + Kelley. She just finished a series on work spaces. Tons of info and lovely pics.

Want to thank Michelle from Armas Design for the sweet gift she sent me and a few other blog readers. A beautiful print. I smiled about it all weekend.

Happy Monday all.

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