Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Ring Envy

This, my sweets, was my very first ring crush on Etsy. I have envied this beauty from ES Designs for quite some time now. It is called the "Shoreline" ring and I'm sure you can see why. Little dapples of shimmer, just like the remnants of the last wave on the sand. I adore this lovely. Truly, I do. How nice would it be to have a little vacation wrapped around your finger? And this ring would look fabulous with just about anything.
It particularly makes me smile right now because my vacation plans have been made this week. Yay! After not going anywhere last year, I can't wait to get back to Holden Beach this May. I'm so excited. I wish I had this ring to wear with my new bikini!!

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la la Lovely said...

What a gorg ring!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I think you are right on about God not wanting us to live in fear. God IS love and perfect love casts out all fear.... i've been really trying to study that lately! Have a fabulous week!
xx Trina