Monday, March 23, 2009

Tag, you're it!

I just got tagged. The adorable (and way hotter than she apparently thinks she is) Amber, over at All that you have is your soul, tagged me as a Kreativ Blogger. How sweet! So what I'm supposed to do is give you seven things that I love and then tag seven other bloggers. Here goes.

1. Right now I am totally loving a new recipe that I got here. Its a chocolate chip bundt cake and it is flippin amazing. I made one weeks ago and I have been craving more ever since.

2. I adore the way my three year old niece says ditn't. as in "No, I weely ditn't." Along with that goes a very matter-of-fact expression on her darling little face.

3. I love Holden Beach, NC. Can't wait to get back there in May. So restful.

4. Getting inked. Yes. I love getting tattooed. I have at least six hours worth of ink in my body. I would have much more, but its kinda costly. My tattoo artist tells me that I'm a weirdo because I love the way it feels. I think its sort of therapeutic. I leave feeling like I've bled out some of my negative emotions.

5. I love graffiti. Don't yell at me about property defacement and disrespect and all that. Some of these writers (as they are called) are amazing artists. If you don't believe me, check this out.

6. I love the new Roberto Cavalli ads. They have such a cool feeling to them. Very glamorous yet laid back at the same time. I tried to snatch one of the pics to post here, but they are firmly glued to the website.

7. Swimming. I love to swim. I don't get to do it very much anymore, though. I used to lifeguard and I would swim laps for an hour at a time when no one was around. Swimming is like meditating. You have to focus on breathing and nothing else. Oddly enough, I actually dream about swimming a lot.

As you can imagine, this is a very short list of things I love. Barely scratches the surface. But these are some of the first things that came to mind.

So, now I have to tag some more peeps. I'm not sure I even know enough to tag. If you care to join in, I pass the Kreativ Blogger award to P, saipua, Shannon Fricke, chicsensibility, Michelle, apartment34 and Lobster and Swan.
I won't be around tomorrow, but I hope you have a great one.


Amber said...

omg, i wanna hear more about that tats. what? where? when? why? and pictures.


i've always wanted tats. but i am too indecisiveeeeeee.

Color Me Green said...

mmm choc chip bundt cake sounds awesome. can you share the recipe love?? i don't have a bundt pan but maybe a regular pan will work too?

Miz.November said...

Hey Green, there is a link above that will take you right to the recipe.

Michelle said...

thanks for the tag, i have been tagged a few times lately, so I am going to do a big "tag blowout sale"

P. said...

A must deserved award - congratulations. Thank you so much for tagging me as well. Very sweet of you.