Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Discussion with myself.

Good Me: "You do NOT want to eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut. really, you don't."
Bad Me: "Why not? One isn't gonna kill me."
"You know you will regret it. You know you feel like you have eat a tub of Crisco every time to consume one of those things."
"But those pretty polka dotted boxes are just staring at me."
"FUNd Raising is bad for your health. They aren't even the kind you like. You like cake doughnuts with no icing and those are the yeasty kind drenched in sugar icing."
"Maybe I should just smell of them."
"Forget it. You are going to eat the best pizza in the world tonight with your girl M."
"Oh, yeah! Blue Mountain Pizza!!! I hate sugar drenched doughnuts. You know I always feel like I have ingested a tub of Crisco when I eat one of those things."
Thank goodness for pizza with artichokes on it. Mmmmm.

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