Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Attention, please.

If I may, please direct your attention this way. I have an announcement to make. (clearing throat) You are about to witness a self made catastrophe. Don't blink. You would hate to miss this. I, with much reserve and nerve, have decided to set a goal. (Gasp! from the crowd) Yes, I understand your concern. Truly, I do. But I feel that setting a goal is my last resort in a desperate attempt to rid myself of the embarrassment and shame of my current sub-par creative performance.

So, here's the deal. I have the week of September 14th off of work. I chose this week because it is supposed to be the ideal time to reseed the lawn and do all my trimming and plant moving. I need this time in the dirt. But, I also want to use this week to take new photos of my items and do a Miz. November shop makeover. I will go into more detail about what I hope to accomplish later. But for now, I am going to leave it at this.

** The goal is to have my Miz. November shop cleaned out and ready to go, with new pics and a list of de-stash items, by Monday, September 21. **
And I expect you all to heckle the life out of me if it doesn't get done. Unless, of course, some other catastrophe prevents this from happening. Or as we say around here, "Lord willing."


mimilove forever said...

Hey hey sweetypie!!
Have fun in the dirt (I LOOOOVEEEE gardening...it's my escape too!) and good luck with your goal...however if you don't succeed I will expect a coconut cream cake on my doorstep STAT!

Amber said...

It will happen. And to prove my support, i will BUY SOMETHING OFF YOU when it's done. promise.

Elise said...

Good luck! I wonder if you can squeeze some time in there for writing as well....?
Seriously though, I really hope you get your shop all sorted and the way you want it. I hope you get tons of sales. We won't need to heckle, you'll get it done.

Miz.November said...

Awww. You girls are sweethearts. Thanks so much!