Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I know I'm a little obsessed.

Okay. Seriously. How could you possibly say that this red hair doesn't rock? The hair, folks. Not the tight-rolled pants. The hair.

* yes, of course it's from the Sartorialist, and hopefully he won't kick my hiney for stealing a pic. I asked for his book for my birthday. That should count, right?


Elise said...

Red hair rocks. I'd never seen so many redheads as I did when I was in Ireland and Scotland. My mum has beautiful, really dark red hair; I was peed off I got the brown hair.

PS. I'm sure the book negates the photo "borrowing". Positive it does.

Michelle said...

Ahh, so great! I was just kinda drooling over this guy last night as I scooted along the site for a minute. I was thinking, he is like one of those characters in an old English book that is sooo handsome, so striking, he makes the heroine do something stupid, and then they end up with bright red babies at the end, sigh....