Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spreading the Love

After my little rant yesterday, I figured that I should share some good stuff with you on this rainy Tuesday. And I ran across two dandies last week on Etsy. See how that works? I throw off on the parts I don't like and then I share with you the pure streaks of genius. Yeah. Your welcome. I am not much of a clutch girl. I hate having to hold on to something while shopping. But this clutch right here has a strap on the back side to slide your hand through. Handy dandy, don't you think? Not to mention, the bold colors and shapes are absolutely eye catching. I just adore it. Ladies, this is Anne, from smlbags. Anne, meet the ladies.

Looking for something truly personal to cherish for the rest of your days? Well, here it is. The bright folks at fabuluster will send you a cool kit to make an imprint of someone specials fingertip. You send it back to them, and voila, they hook you up with an awesome one-of-a-kind fingerprint ring to keep forever and ever. *or hand down to someone you love. *or give as a token of your affection. Now, how cool is that?


{The Perfect Palette} said...

we're loving that clutch

Elise said...

See? Awesome etsy stuff that I just can't find. I forgot to make comment on that in your last post, but I agree completely - the garage sale stuff that's on there makes me... wonder. Who buys it? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

The ring is great!

Mr. G

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Antonio Barros said...

Cool clutch! But the ring is really genius!