Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So, this is Tuesday?

It's been a fun weekend. I was actually off work yesterday, which is not the norm. We usually work on Labor Day, but not this year.
Friday was spent at a friends house playing old school Nintendo. No joke! The original Mario Bros. game.
Saturday was a day on the lake with friends. Jumping off big rocks. Playing behind the boat. And lots of diving off the side.
Sunday........ my girl got back from Jamaica. We did a little grocery shopping and then I cooked dinner for all of us.
Monday was drag racing. All day at the track. Hotter than the pits of Haiti. But it was a blast. The car is running great (finally!). 7:13 in a quarter. That's just motor, no nitrous, if you know anything about what I'm talking about.

I didn't have the digital camera at the lake, so I have no pics to share. Sorry. I have race pics, but I figure you couldn't care less about that stuff.

How was your weekend?


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

mine was longer than expected because redoing our floor took longer than expected so i'm staying at the boyfriend's parents house. i hope i have a new pretty floor when i go home in a few hours! i'm jealous of your lake time. haven't been around water at all this summer.

mimilove forever said...

Just dropping by to let it be known I am officially jealous...Nintendo,shopping, diving off boats, dinner?!?! (I'm on my way!)

Elise said...

With the passing of your summer, it can only mean good things for this side of the hemisphere!

Your weekend sounds like the perfect last hurrah for hot, long days.