Monday, September 21, 2009


Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn here in the States and I am having some serious seasonal denial. I think that most everyone would agree that this summer just didn't seem to last as long as it should have. I feel like I didn't even get time to enjoy it. Now there are the end of summer chores to do. I have been successfully putting them off for weeks now. Cleaning the windows. Bringing the sweaters out and packing away the tanks. Hand washing all my swimsuits before storing them away, too. It just doesn't seem right; cold weather being right on our heels.

But I'm trying to keep my head up and stay productive (despite the gloomy, sleep inducing weather). I'm still toiling away at getting organized and simplified. The closet above makes me giddy. I love organization and this closet makes it look so easy and so fabulous. This is my dream closet. A place for everything and everything in its place. Plenty of light. Open and airy. I can just see locking myself in my closet to read new magazines! One can dream, right?

* photo from House Beautiful


Elise said...

It's funny you're talking about getting ready for winter and just this evening on my walk as the sun was setting, I was getting all happy and excited that the days are getting warmer (for the most part, it's still early days) and the evenings getting lighter and longer. I adore the spring/summer months.

And ya - that closet is perfect! Yes, we can dream. No harm in that. (My closet would definitely be a lot messier than this one though)

Michelle said...

wow, the first day of Autumn? Yikes! it means the light fades faster, and that sucks, but here we have so many mosquitos, I am still waiting for a day I can be outside and enjoy it, so autumn it is...sad. This closet is killer, I like the chrome and spots of color and bright white, mixed with the organic shapes of the clothes, very sexy, but I would have my workout clothes all over the place, and shatter the effect...