Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekly Ring Envy and Random Rambling

Okee dokee. So it's Wednesday and guess what .............. yep, the sun is indeed shining. Kinda crazy, right? It shines while I am at work. It goes behind the trees by the time I get home. It does know, Elise. It does. But I hurried home at lunch and munched on potato chips while I shot some pics of de-stash. (you know. supplies that need to go do their thing in someone else's home instead of mine. de-stash) So, thankfully, I can get a few things listed in the shop. Maybe I can catch enough sunshine this evening to take some more photos. Fingers crossed.

I've still not accepted the arrival of fall. Been feeling a little emotionally uneven the last few days. My hubby has been coming in at night and watching Band of Brothers (again). I was in a total creative mode last night, but I couldn't escape the sound of guns and bombs in the living room. So I just ended up scowling at the husband all night.

Anyway, I could keep rambling, but I won't. SO...... in honor of changing seasons and the lovely early autumn breezes, I give to you a set of undulating rings by Embellish Jewelry. Now, there is just something about these rings. Something that reminds me of breezes through the treezes. They are so smooth and curvy. Very soothing. (unlike ridiculously realistic war movies.) If only I could find a pair of earplugs this pretty. ;)

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Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i'm actually surprisingly happy about fall! the sun is shining here too. maybe it's finally time for my lunch break.