Friday, September 4, 2009

~ luxury ~

I've been thinking about luxuries for the last few days, and how everyone's idea of luxury is a little bit different. It all started with the desire to buy a new hand cream. I was pondering the fact that I was going to spend more on a few ounces of hand cream than I will usually spend on a shirt. But, you see, I consider good lotion to be a luxury. And if the scent makes me happy, it feels even more luxurious. There are only a few things in life that I will pay full price for. Good lotion is one of them. My favorite undies is another. And then there are the things that I just can't pass up. Like cozy blankets. *photo from {this is glamorous}

I love blankets. I just can't pass up a pretty, soft, cuddly blanket at a good price. I keep them on the couch. I take them to the races. I throw them on the ground to sit around the fire pit. In the winter I tend to keep one wrapped around my shoulders while I tool around the house. A good blanket feels like luxury to me.
In a little shop at the beach, I came across the Lollia collection of candles and creams. Oh, my beating heart! This is luxury at its best. I have never smelled such amazing concoctions of happiness in my entire life. And what lovely packages! I sniffed them all and slathered a sample on my hands. It happened to be one of those days when I didn't feel like spending money and I passed on buying the cream. But for the rest of the day I would cup my hands around my face and inhale the beauty of Wish. And so, while considering my next purchase of hand cream the other day, I was filled with a longing for that lovely smell of perfect happiness and searched for a website. It was there that I met my destiny. I still haven't ordered yet. I'm having debates on scents and sizes in my head. But I will soon. And it will be pure luxury when I do.
What is your luxury?


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

hmm i posted about this a while back. my new luxury are fresh flowers. i tried to go a week without them and couldn't. i would love to have some cozy blankets, makes me wonder why i don't. will add to my xmas wishlist ;-)

Elise said...

I use Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion which is cheap as chips, but four things I consider to luxuries are books, notebooks/journals, photo albums and pyjamas.
Any book is worth the money; journals because I use them every day and pretty ones make me happy; photo albums, not so sure why but I love pretty ones; and pyjamas because I like to look cute!
A little luxury is good.