Friday, September 11, 2009

Drop your anchors here, dahling.

You are all familiar with how giddy I can get when I run across something amazing. You know how I can't wait to come share it with you, like schoolgirls on the playground. And you know that it's Friday and I think you deserve something crazy beautiful to look at before you kick off your weekend. Enter Chatham Girl.

This seriously talented lady makes seriously stunning pretties that bring to mind an era of excess and adornment. She enjoys taking old hats and such and refurbishing them to surpass their former splendor. Her shop is insanely beautiful and poetic. And the photography......... well, there's no need for words.
Once again, if I were a guy, I would totally be crushing on this red headed doll. That lovely face and porcelain skin. Those gorgeous grey eyes. Girls that can pull off this hair color and still look painfully beautiful make me very jealous.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone. And be sure to look up Chatham Girl.


beth said...

love your blog....lots !

Elise said...

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to pull off this kind of look without people thinking you were insane?

She looks amazing. I'd look mental.